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The ability to understand what your body is saying and what it wants, is only a few clicks away. Developed over the past 20 years Diagnostic Face Reading by Roger Bezanis, is the first entirely new work on Face Reading in over 100 years. It is perhaps the most comprehensive technique known, in the last 200 years. Browse the gallery and when you decide you want to know the subject fully for yourself, get both the book (Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing) and the DVD (The Face and Iris Tell the Truth). For the practitioner, laminations and charts are available.

Complete Face Reading Book/DVD set, David J. Pesek Ph.D., Roger Bezanis

Buy Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing and The Face and Iris Tell the Truth.

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Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing

by Roger BezanisDiagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing

Book Description
A practical yet wholly uncommon work Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing (DFRHH) takes you places and gives you tools that the alternative medical world is just now stating to get.

In DFRHH you will learn how to instantly assess not only your own health, along with the health of anyone you see. With DFRHH you will learn face reading, fingernail analysis, tongue analysis, scalp analysis, symptom analysis, hand analysis and Mr. Bezanis’ own “Energy Balancing Technique”. These tools allow you to spot problems when they are forming long before they take hold.

Chiropractors, natural medicine doctors, colon therapists, alternative medicine doctors and more have been amazed at the ease and versatility of Mr. Bezanis’ approach.

People read DFRHH to grasp the following:

  • Fantastic tools to accurately assess your health or anyone’s in a few seconds
  • Understand how your organs communicate to you in times of stress
  • Correctly treat pain at its source while looking and feeling younger
  • Discover what signs precede (by months & years) cancer and illness
  • Help your patients / doctors achieve quicker results
  • Find out if your supplements and diet are really working for you
  • Learn the language of the body & what it has been telling you
  • Be rid of the shoulder pain, neck pain, low back pain and bad moods
  • Free yourself from the diet myths that keep your belly expanding
  • Help someone you love to again get healthy and not go broke doing it.

About the Author

Author, researcher, formulator, educator and mentor Roger Bezanis, has spent the last 16 years of his life uncovering the true workings of the human body. His esoteric techniques of Diagnostic Face Reading, Energy Balancing Technique and amazing Fusion Symptom Analysis are revolutionary. When the trio are combined, they propel the user past all known tools available for diagnosing and healing the body. His book Diagnostic Face Reading and the Holistic You has become an alternative health best seller. A must read for anyone wanting to approach full mastery of their body and health. Mr. Bezanis prides himself in being entirely self-trained and therefore has no allegiances, agendas or axes to grind in support for or against any system or dogma. His focus is strictly and precisely aimed at one thing, RESULTS.

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The Face and Iris Tell The Truth (DVD)

By Roger Bezanis and David J. Pesek, Ph.D.

In October 2008 the two greatest minds in Iridology and Face Reading meet in Cincinnati, Ohio to deliver the 97 minute world release of “The Face and Iris Tell the Truth.” Iridology and Face Reading combine to create the most detailed élan vital assay tools known to man. They intermesh famously to reveal the hided story behind every individuals good health and their decline. Health care practitioners and laymen alike will be thrilled by this fascinating and enlightening course. Never have two powerful techniques linked to make such a dramatic visual health map possible until now. Owning this landmark DVD event entitles you to watch it again and again. Repeat viewings was something that the international crowd who witnessed this extraordinary event, could only dream about. We highly recommend this DVD and give it 5 STARS.

DVD Facts
Study Face Reading With The Worlds Foremost Expert
On Face Reading, Roger Bezanis at Home!
World Renowned Iridologist Dr. David Pesek and Face
Reading Expert Roger Bezanis Interwine Iridology and
Face Reading For the FIRST TIME EVER!
Face Reading and Iridology are the Two Oldest and most
Accurate Visual Forms of Health Study Known to Man!
A $500.00 Dollar Study Course Delivered in Cincinnati,
available Now For Only $29.95
Enlightening and Entertaining You Will Watch This
DVD Again and Again!

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Iris and Facial Signs with Holistic Detoxification Techniques

By Roger Bezanis and David J. Pesek, Ph.D.

Face Reading Master, detoxification expert and visionary author Roger Bezanis and the preeminent Holistic Iridologist on Earth today, Dr. David J. Pesek met in Cincinnati, Ohio, October 17th 2009. Triumphantly for the second year in a row the “Dynamic Duo of Holistic Healthcare,” delivered an unparallel tour de force world conference to an awe struck crowd of healers.

Sharing the stage, they gave a remarkable 2 hour presentation that launched hundreds of new healing ships on an adventure to fresh horizons never dreamed of before. The attendees agreed that this seminar was amazing, enlightening and of paramount importance with instant application. More than 250 lucky practitioners were able to witness these two dynamos in action first hand.

Six different ovations punctuated this highly anticipated event. The work offered here was so cutting edge and of such profound caliber, it will be talked about for years to come. Get your own DVD of this monumental event and watch it again and again.


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The Ancient Raw Food Diet (1st Eddition)

The Ancient Raw Food Diet (TARFD) by Roger Bezanis

The ancient Raw Food Diet is the deep no holds barred look at man and his body that people have been begging for. Raw Foodism is exploding worldwide and The Ancient Raw Food Diet offers the steps anyone can follow to success.

The Ancient Raw Food Diet (TARFD) is the complete, honest explanation of WHOLE FOOD RAW FOODISM. Bezanis compares and defines both RAW FOODISM and Conventional eating to remarkable affect. The book is profound with "Ah Ha's" on almost every page. Other books on Raw Food are weak, offering slight changes and pseudo RAW FOODS. Here, you get what you paid for, the bold face truth. This book says what it means, and means exactly what it says. TARFD offers the steps anyone can follow to success. This book gives you the exact diet to follow to go RAW, plus charts with tables for easy use. Its 97 pages and over 100 illustrations have the impact of 500, like a hand held college education. Author Roger Bezanis is a living example of Raw Foodism, having lived, breathed and researched this data for over 15 years. Because of Mr. Bezanis' tireless work, Raw Foodism is exploding worldwide to great physical and emotional success. People who were getting worse, are now improving as they are taking control of their lives and bodies. Through this book, we now have the power to control our health by what we eat on a daily basis. It is a must read instant classic.

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pH Madness

The insanity that
“pH MADNESS” uncovers…

The reason food & water has become toxic sludge is because money crazed salesmen sold us the stuff. Many bought a technology that altered “Natures Liquid Life.” The “new water” is “not water.” If used like H2O, it creates illness as does altered food.

Something had to be done

A thorough inspection of “pH” revealed gaping holes in our understanding. Because of this murkiness, people have been getting very sick. The subject had to be unraveled before mankind’s mounting confusion killed him.

The hero arrived just in time…

Cellular life is clarified in “pH MADNESS.” Because of that, the pain & confusion of healing is eliminated. Finally, the “acid / alkaline controversy” is laid to rest. One interviewer said “This is PhD level material understandable by a 3rd grader.”

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Face Reading Chart

Diagnostic Face Reading Chart – Double sided
(Ancient Technique of Face Reading)

Interpreting what you see
Fact: The face should be smooth without wrinkles, scaring, moles, flaking, redness or dry areas regardless of age.
Fact: Each part of the face represents an organ.
Fact: Face reading reveals potential problems or existing problems of our organs.

Step 1: Have the person observed, relax their face (no smiling or frowning).
Step 2: Now look for areas of the face that do not match or are out of sync with the rest of the face.
Step 3: Compare the tags below to the part of the face in question. You now know what organ(s) is prone to weakness or is in a weakened state.

Note: Ear lobes represent the heart; a vertical crease on either lobe calls it into question.

24″w x 36″h


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Diagnostic Face Reading and the Holistic You

Diagnostic Face Reading and the Holistic You 
By Roger Bezanis
Release date: March 15, 2008

336 pages (3rd Edition)
ISBN-13: 978-0615183329

With the facts / truths contained in these pages you can never be lied to or controlled again! I am here to pull you and your 
family out of the morass known as “healthcare.”  

Book Description

Tested for two decades, Roger Bezanis’ immense and controversial work fundamentally challenges you to recognize and adapt to the true nature of life on Earth today. “Diagnostic Face Reading and the Holistic You” (DFRHY) is derived from thousands of years of revolutionary thinkers and sages. These pages clearly define and give you the apparatus to grasp, diagnose and change any physical human condition.

DFRHY opens the door for complete face reading, tongue analysis, scalp analysis, eyebrow analysis, hand analysis and fingernail analysis. Included is his extraordinary “Energy Balancing Technique” (EBT) missing from the historic record for tens of thousands of years. With DFRHY you are awakening your latent abilities to head off and heal diseases years before they can manifest. The alternative medical world’s “best” are in rapture with the simplicity and effectiveness of Mr. Bezanis’ sweeping time-proven techniques. If you intend to master your health, DFRHY must become a constant companion and best friend.


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