Diagnostic Face Reading

The Study of Yourself

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Learn Face Reading

Allow this gallery to guide you to a better understanding of Diagnostic Face Reading. Use this unique gallery and learn to diagnose your health and health of others.

Try this: 
First read this entire page. 
Then visit the gallery pages and read the caption next to a portrait. With each caption there is listed an assessment of the face, the cause and a solution. (You can click on the image to get a closer view.) After reading/studying a few of the faces begin to test your accuracy. At this time you can try using your new skills in the slideshow. As you move through the slideshow see how quickly and accurately you've become at spotting a problem/cause. Use this free online gallery to your advantage. Face Reading has been used for thousands of years in the health field and can not be denied. Your face holds the answers to your health. 

To fully grasp Diagnostic Face Reading read Diagnostic Face Reading and Holistic Healing by Roger Bezanis.

For a fresh perspective use the Diagnostic Face Reading Map Key as your guide.

What To Look For
The face is broken down into several sections that repeat themselves. At first the repetition can seem like a problem. But once you know the basics you can narrow down a problem by comparing two or more parts of the face that are related.

With a little practice you will recognize an aliment before it manifests into something worse.

The Health of your Kidney's are reflected in the following areas:
The scalp
The right and left corners of you forehead
The area around your eyes, including the bag area below your eyes
The chin and the lower lip area
The upper ear above the ear lobes
The Health of your Liver is reflected in the following areas:
The eyes themselves
The crow’s feet area, to the right and left of the eyes, running through to the temple
The area between you eyebrows at the top of the bridge of the nose

Heart Health is reflected in the following areas:
The entire nose
The entire upper lip
Both ear lobes

Small Intestine Health is reflected in the following areas:
The middle part of the forehead
Sympathetically the stomach will often manifest symptoms when the small intestines are inflamed.

The Large Intestine Health is reflected in the following areas:
Smile lines extending down from the nose to the top lip of the mouth

The Lungs Health is reflected in the following areas:
The hollow of the cheeks

By observing the images on the next few pages you will have a better understanding of how to spot an issue in one of the internal organs.

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